Have You Thought About…?

A coaching client of mine recently told me he needed to delegate more to his direct reports but he was feeling overwhelmed by the prospect. So, I asked him, have you thought about approaching this in the way you’d use a dimmer switch as opposed to an on-off switch?”
My clients love this question. For this leader, the dimmer switch could mean he starts by choosing just one person to delegate to. Or one team. Or one project. The idea is to start experimenting, see what does and doesn’t work, and expand from there. 
We often get trapped in either-or thinking, which can create internal resistance. You’re much more likely to start making a change if you ask yourself, “how might the dimmer switch idea help me right now?”

Did You Know?

The brain fires up new neural networks as you practice new thoughts or behaviors. As neuropsychologist Rick Hanson notes, “neurons that fire together wire together.” When you apply the dimmer switch to practical challenges outside of you (like learning to delegate in the above example) it’s also at work inside of you, creating new default patterns. Small shifts can lead to big changes – both internally and externally. 

Need Inspiration?

By making small positive shifts in your thoughts and behaviors, you can change the trajectory of your career and life. As you create new habits based upon new neural pathways, you bend your future toward reaching more of your potential. 

Are you facing a challenge that seems daunting or overwhelming? Try the dimmer switch approach to take small steps to get you started.