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Attention Management



What’s holding you back? How do you get in your own way?


Easily distracted when interacting with others


Not a great listener / tend to interrupt


React too negatively/emotionally to circumstances


Unable to say "no", even when it's reasonable


Don't speak up in meetings


Hold on to tasks that could be delegated

If you want to positively shift your experience in work and life, this course is for you.

What are Your Self-Limiting Behaviors?

Get a free sample program handout to identify your potential self-limiting behaviors.


Your Plan to Drive Personal Change


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Everyone can benefit from this proven six-week program.


Learn Powerful Techniques

Put the three-step Self-Coaching Path to immediate use.


Be Your Own Coach

Remove limits and thrive. “Bend your future.”

Shifting Self-Limiting Behaviors
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Practical Tools You Can Use

Learn the science behind self-limiting behaviors and how to shift them. Discover, prioritize, and start working on one of your own.

Designed to Stick

Two of the program’s six weeks are dedicated to applied Learning Practices so you have time to reinforce new ideas and skills.

Lifelong Application

You can use these self-coaching techniques to make positive personal shifts for the rest of your career / life.

What do I get with the course?


6-9 Hrs Course Time


37 On-Demand Videos


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3 Months Access

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Unlock Your Hidden Potential

You likely have “blind spots” that are barriers to maximizing your potential or sense of fulfillment. Or maybe you’re aware of your limiting beliefs or habits but believe they’re impossible or too hard to change. This course draws on the proven neuroscience that you can change your limiting patterns and provides a simple three-step framework to do so.


What Participants Are Saying

"This program really helped me to see the value of tackling my self-limiting beliefs head-on. I had accepted these beliefs as facts about myself. Now I know different and am making positive changes. I highly recommend this course for anyone who is interested in being a better version of themselves."

Ian Moore
Strategic Account Manager, UK, Nutanix

"This was a great course! I always felt I was unable to change and hadn’t considered a growth vs fixed mindset. I also realized that a lot of the behaviors that contribute to my SLB are deeply-rooted but are change-able and challenge-able. Committing to my action items will be key to victory. I looked forward to this material every week so I will miss it now that it’s gone. But… this is just the beginning. :)"

Jon C.
UI Engineer, ServiceNow

"These are deep seeded beliefs that I can easily get sucked into if I don’t constantly remind myself that there is not always evidence of truth. I wish I would have learned to question these beliefs much earlier in my career, but better late than never."

Alice C.
Director Global Talent Business Partner

"I appreciated the strategies to work through a self-limiting behavior in a tangible, practical way. I am going to do it again with another behavior and I also want to see how I can adopt some of this process with people I work with. Grateful, thanks Mike."

Liz Gow
Counsellor / Life Coach


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